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Shanghai Linfeng Net Cloth Factory specializes in manufacturing industrial screen, industrial cloth, non-woven cloth, who owns many imported monofilament production line as well as non-woven cloth production line. There are over 200 kinds of products, which are wildly used in chemical industry, pharmacy, metallurgy, cement, mine, coal washing etc industrial sector.

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The company's new products!

1.Horizontal belt filter cloth (monofilament double-layer structure) ›
This product is our company has invested heavily in imported from abroad and new monofilament has formally batch production of filter cloth, the double-layer weave is to create a domestic monofilament production precedent, to fill a gap in the domestic.
Features: high strength (five times the average filament cloth above), ultra high density, strong acid, alkali resistance, wide range of up to 2.8 meters, excellent stability, not deformation, high wear resistance.

2.Horizontal belt filter cloth (non-woven cloth) ›
Features: high strength, high density, acid, alkali resistance, wear resistance.

3.High density filter cloth›
Features: high strength, high density, strong acid, alkali resistance, wide range of up to 2.8 meters, excellent stability, not deformation, high wear resistance, is now fully replace imported products.

Issue time:2007-11-4


To allow customers to better understand Lin Feng spirit of enterprise and products, we rearrange the related product information,and open “Shanghai Linfeng Net Cloth Factory”。The domain name is linfengwb.com

Lin Feng is located in Shanghai City, one of the three major industrial parks of Songjiang science and Technology Industrial Park, Shanghai city is the Songjiang Science Park, specializing in the production of industrial screen, industrial filter cloth, non-woven fabric manufacturers. Various types of products, up more than 200 kinds of products, widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, cement, mining, coal washing and other industrial sectors. The fixed assets of about 80000000 yuan, in the country has a research center, two production bases, covering an area of about 19980 square meters, construction area of 11988 square meters.

Lin Feng constant pursuit of perfect standardization degree of their own enterprise management, has passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, and is applying for the ISO14001 environmental management system certification actively.

To know more about our products to“Product”。Lin Feng will work together with industry colleagues together, look forward to cooperate with more friends at home and abroad.

Issue time:2007-5-29


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